32 – Dark Wondra 3: Power Drain (Collectors’ Edition)

This is a bundle of two classics, the Peril and Extreme versions of Dark Wondra 3: Power Drain, starring gorgeous Krystal Red! Two upgraded classics for the price of one!

Dark Wondra takes on a powerful Collector, first in her sexy civilian garb, and then in full Amazon costume!

First, she is gassed in her civilian clothes to de-power her, and then she is garrotted, struggling in her sexy minidress. She passes out, and when she starts to recover she is put out again with chloroform.
While she is out, she is transformed into her Amazon persona and bound. While bound, she is zapped with electric blasts. A fight ensues, and DW suffers a low blow, belly blows and face hits. Finally, she suffers a crushing bearhug. Now, DW is on the defensive as the Collector punishes her with a forearm chokehold, until he decides to end her life. He pulls out a large knife and buries it into her torso just below her bustline. Finally, he pulls a gun and fires, killing her with a headshot! A post mortem neck break assures him that she’s not recovering. He then takes one of her boots as a trophy.

In the Peril version, Dark Wondra defeats the Collector in hand to hand combat and knocks him out!

Super sexy video and in 2 versions, both of which are upscaled in BIG screen resolution. Over 2 GB’s of action!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Stabbed and Shot
Available for only $28.00
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