34 – Boomerang Hit

Heather Page returns the Scotland Yard Cold Cases to play an espionage agent and assassin who is lying in wait for her target. Unfortunately for her, before she can bury a bullet into his brain, he bats her silenced gun aside and begins to pound her with a series of face hits. She manages to head butt him and gain the advantage, but after several blows are landed by each of them, he manages to slip behind her and put her into a chokehold. Heather struggles valiantly, but it looks like she’s finished, until with her last spurt of strength, she manages to break his hold. She is still recovering from the near fatal choking when the man pulls a knife and stabs her repeatedly in the back. Then, he drops her to the floor with a powerful uppercut! Heather is lying in pain, a pool of blood spreading under her, as the man enjoys his victory. Then, to make it complete, he kneels close to her and drives the blade into her chest. She reacts, then dies, beautiful eyes fixed into a death stare. He searches her body, including removing both of her boots. Finding nothing to identify her or her employer, he leaves her sexy corpse for the clean-up crew.

Another sexy outing for Hot Heather! Not to be missed!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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