36 – Gaining The Upper Hand

Hot brunette Krystal Red arrives home and is checking her texts when she senses someone behind her. She spins and tosses her jacket over his head and disarms him, his gun falling to the floor.

The killer pounds her in the face, driving her back, then he improvises, grabbing a kitchen knife. Krystal tries to push his knife hand away, but he powers through and buries the blade into her belly. He follows up with additional belly stabs, then drives the blade into her chest!

Krystal is dying. She struggles to stand, falls to the floor, then slowly, painfully dies from her multiple wounds.

Once she’s dead, the killer lifts her body onto his shoulder and carries her away in a very sexy over-the-shoulder carry!

Krystal is super sexy in this brutal stabbing video! Don’t miss it!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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