39 – Double Cross (Collector’s Edition)

Blonde, buxom Tiffany returns in this upgraded BIG SCREEN version of the classic “Double Cross”!

Agent Lena (Tiffany) is a sexy agent of a secret organization. She is confronted by an equally sexy enemy agent, Domino, played by Sabrina. Which one of them will survive this confrontation? The answer is simple… neither! It’s a seesaw battle with blows exchanged and each girl strangling the other. Sabrina fondles Tiffany’s body and strips her topless, turned on by the encounter. Tiffany does manage to turn the tables on Sabrina and ends up stabbing her, stripping her topless, and strangling her to death. Both are near death, but Tiffany is victorious in the end, but is then shot dead by Gold Face before she can fully enjoy her victory over Sabrina!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
1 strangled & 1 shot!
Available for only $19.99
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