51 – Inside Job

D.I. Rebecca Chase shares her theory of the identity of the UK Strangler with a fellow D.I. She is obviously fishing, but before she can hook him, he pounds her into semi-consciousness. She fights back, and what follows is a hand-to-hand battle of two highly trained cops. Unfortunately, she is disarmed, and knocked out. The UK Strangler uses the opportunity to remove one of her nylons and use it as the instrument of her death.

There is another fight, but the Strangler gets the upper hand, wraps the nylon around her lovely neck, and while standing back to back he hauls her over his shoulder, her kicking feet leaving the floor in the process. As the gorgeous woman struggles to relieve the pressure on her throat, the Strangler maintains the pressure until she starts to weaken. Then, after she struggles for her breath for a while, he ends her struggles and her life with two powerful pulls that crack her delicate neck. She’s left hanging from his shoulder with her beautiful face transformed into a wide-eyed death mask.

He lowers her to the floor, assures himself that she’s dead, and then pick her up in a cradle carry and carries her body away for disposal.

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Strangled and neck snapped
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