53 – Hyde & Seek

The UK Strangler, D.I. Hyde, feels that he has to eliminate the police file clerk who pulled the cold case files for D.I. Chase… just in case she knows too much!

He arrives at her apartment just as she’s dressed to go clubbing. In effect, she’s dressed to kill… in more ways than one… and Hyde proceeds to do just that!

After determining that she was told by Chase that the UK Strangler killings were an inside job, Hyde delivers a different type of clubbing experience for Yvonne! He delivers a series of punches and a low blow, then knocks her down and out. Next, he pulls out his garrotte and wraps it around her neck before she regains consciousness. When she regains consciousness, he throttles her until her neck cracks!

So, don’t miss Yvonne’s super sexy performance in “Hyde & Seek”, the latest installment in the UK Strangler mini-series!

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