Episode 119 – Stellar – A Star is Born

“Stellar: A Star IS Born” introduces a brand new self-styled sidekick of Supernova! She is played by vivacious Cameron Drew, and is a plucky young heroine who appears to have no fear… taking on two masked criminals in her first outing… but will this also be her last adventure? You’ll know soon enough when you view your preferred version, or both versions of this awesome video!

The Extreme version is 10 minutes running time (without counting closing credits) and features Stellar being crushed to death in a reverse bearhug.

The Peril version is 7 minutes (without counting closing credits) and Stellar barely survives in this version.!

Don’t miss this latest British Bluestone classic Superheroine video! Check out the Element Poster to see what’s in each version.

Check out the Trailer!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Crushed in bearhug
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