Episode 12 – Flight From Fear

Jenny Cherry is relaxing in her bedroom sipping wine, dressed in a minidress, when a killer slips into her apartment. When she heads into the washroom, he slips behind a curtain in the bedroom and waits. When she returns, he whips a garrotte around her lovely neck from behind, and she explodes into panicked action as she struggles to free herself from her deadly situation. After much struggling, she manages to reach for the wine bottle and smash it back into the killer’s face, freeing her… at least momentarily.

The killer recovers quickly, grabbing her as she tries to flee, spinning her around, and hand strangling her, lifting her off the floor in the throat lift. She kicks dead air until she passes out, and he tosses her onto the bed. He takes a sip of her wine, then calmly climbs onto the bed, winds the garrotte around her neck again, and pulls it tight, forcing her back to consciousness and into a struggle for her life… which she slowly loses.

What follows is a long, sexy strangle of the lovely Jenny Cherry, followed by lots of views of her beautiful dead body.

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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