Episode 122 – Stellar 2 – Great Responsibility

Stellar has gained the stolen powers of Supernova from Parasite, but can she keep them?

Parasite still has other powers, including electric blasts and Novanite gas. These powers are used to weaken Stellar, and then Parasite proceeds to beat her down and strangle her to death! In fact, in both versions, Stellar is defeated; however, in the Peril version she revives and wins the second round against Parasite!

This video is chock full of sexy action as we see our bold Sidekick take on the role of a true superheroine, who fights on despite the odds, refusing to succumb even when she appears to be at her weakest!

Cameron Drew shows why she has quickly become a sexy favourite of fans of Bluestone Superheroine videos!

Don’t miss her first full adventure with super powers!

Check out the Trailer!

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