Episode 127 – Dark Bat 4: Collective Will

Jenny Cherry returns as Dark Bat in “Dark Bat 4: Collective Will”!

The Collectors have decided to collect Edgewing City’s newest bad ass heroine… Dark Bat. They find her, and catch her off-guard, in her home. The Collector tasked with collecting her first tries to simply chloroform her into submission, but when that fails, more drastic methods have to be employed to bring her in dead of alive! In both versions, Dark Bat is beaten, knocked out, and tied to a chair, where she is garrotted when she regains consciousness. After playing dead, she manages to slip her bonds and remove a gun that she had previously secreted under the chair. In the Peril version, she shoots the Collector dead! In the Extreme version, she is disarmed and shot to death, the first slug ripping into her soft breast, and the second slug striking her in the belly. She writhes and dies with a beautiful death stare!

Don’t miss Jenny in her latest sexy outing as the mysterious Dark Bat!

Check out the Trailer!

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