Episode 132 – Teen Bat 8: On The Job Training

D’arcy returns to the role of Teen Bat and, to prove herself, she takes on the very dangerous Contractor, who has fought Darkwing to a standstill. She does a fair job tossing him around, but he soon wears her down, and then he proceeds to punish her, first with a crushing bearhug, followed by a hand strangle and backbreaker. Once he’s knocked the fight out of her, he unmasks her. By this time, she is partially topless and at his mercy. Pulling out a garrotte, he makes her suffer through a long, painful strangle before he increases the pressure on her neck until it snaps under the pressure.

A brutal defeat and killing of our valiant teen heroine.

In the Peril version, Teen Bat actually manages to defeat the Contractor despite taking the beating of a lifetime!


Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Strangled and Neck Snapped
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