Episode 15 – Don’t Make That Call

“Don’t Make That Call” is the Bluestone version of the bed strangle scene from “Don’t Answer the Phone”.

Yvonne plays a hooker who calls in to a web show hosted by a young female psychiatrist known only as Dr. Abbey. She tells Dr. Abbey that she called in on a dare for her John to discuss his issue, but as they start to discuss it, the John uses the belt from Yvonne’s silken robe to strangle her while she’s on the video call! Dr. Abbey is shocked as the unexpected witness to the brutal murder that plays itself out live on the Internet!

Yvonne is topless while she’s strangled, and the man let’s up temporarily, tossing her twitching body face down on the bed as in the scene from the movie, so that he can end the video call. Then, he turns her over, straddles her, and hand strangles her until she almostpasses out. He stops, slaps her face to revive her, then wraps the belt around her neck again and resumes garrotting her until she’s dead!

This is the remake of the year! Don’t miss Yvonne’s performance as the luscious victim in “Don’t Make That Call”!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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