Episode 16 – Sweet Vengeance

This is the last week for double releases, so we might as well go out with a bang… 2 Scotland Yard Cold Cases are being released this week!

D’arcy plays a secret agent who gets the drop on a masked enemy agent, but she recognizes him, even through his disguise, as Agent Fisher, the killer of fellow agent Sara King (The Visitor). He manages to stress her out by providing the details of the killing of her friend, including insults. So, D’arcy loses it and shoots him in the chest. When she goes closer to check the body, she is disarmed and realizes too late that he was wearing a Kevlar vest under his clothes. He scoops up D’arcy’s weapon and shoots her in the belly, incapacitating her.

Then, he takes his time putting bullet after bullet into the gorgeous agent, and watching her suffer and die.

Another sexy killing that Scotland Yard is unable to solve.

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