Episode 24- Roommate Courtesy – Director’s Cut

We have upgraded the full version of “Roommate Courtesy” featuring both Petra’s and Suzi’s killings complete with updated f/x and in high BIG screen resolution!

Both of these hot actresses and first strangled, Petra by hand and Suzi with a ligature, before the killer draws his knife and starts stabbing them each in the breasts, belly and elsewhere! He delivers over a dozen vicious stabs on each girl, and they writhe in sexy fashion as they slowly die at his hands.

Initially, Suzi arrives home after the strangling of Petra has begun, and mistakes Petra’s cries for wild love-making. Suzi then turns on the TV, its sounds drowning out Petra’s cries as the killer butcher’s her beautiful body. Once Petra is dead, the killer sneaks up behind Suzi and winds a nylon around her neck, strangling some of the fight out of her before he draws his weapon and drives it into her ample chest!

Two awesome babe killings in upgraded format for just a dollar more than the original! Don’t miss this one!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Both Stabbed!
Available for only $15.99
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