Episode 25 – Obsession

The Second Season of Scotland Yard Cold Cases is kicked off with a second Heather Page episode!

A man is obsessed with Heather, and we can understand why as we see her enter in tight minidress and nylons! They have obviously been dating and she has broken it off, but he doesn’t accept her rejection, breaking into her apartment and confronting her. When his attempt at a reconciliation does not go his way, he attacks her. First he begins to choke her, but when she knees him and breaks free, he pounds her in the face, dropping her to the bed, then knocks her out with a second punch. While she’s unconscious, he slowly removes her shoe and then her nylon. He then cradle carries her to a chair, winds the nylon around her neck, and when she comes to, he viciously strangles her to death, telling her that if he can’t have her, no one can!

Don’t miss this latest sexy death scene from Hot Heather!

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