Episode 4 – Supernova On The Run

This Collector’s Edition episode is a re-edited and upgraded version of “Supernova 14: On The Run”, starring Melanie Dunne.
So, in addition to the upgraded resolution, what are the additional features of this redux? Well, they are many and varied. Here goes:
The Bear Hug has been extended.
Supernova receives more face hits.
The strangling scene has been extended.
The Cradle Carry includes additional takes.
The Backbreaker scene has been extended.
The Gatekeepers give  Supernova a longer beating.
The Forearm Choke has  been extended
Supernova gets her neck broken 3 times, since she regenerates from all except the last one.
A different Body Pan has been added
There is a new view of the OTS carry
The video has been extended in all by 3 full minutes!
If you liked the original, you’ll LOVE this Collector’s Edition version.
There is also an Alternate Version where orgasmic squirts have been added!
Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Neck snapped
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