Episode 433 – Models & Mobsters

Kerie and Lena play two hot models who perform for our enjoyment in a long sexy photoshoot. Then, the photographer is called away and we learn that he is indebted to the mob. While he’s on the phone, a hitman enters, kills him, then confronts the two models, and decides to eliminate them as witnesses. He shoots Kerie first and as she’s writhing in pain on the bed, he aims the gun at Lena and shoots her too. Both girls writhe erotically from their initial wounds, then the killer shoots each of them again, and finally he approaches each of the dying girls and presses the gun against their bodies and pulls the trigger, finishing off both of the beautiful women!

A very erotic outing for Kissable Kerie and Lovely Lena with a shooting death for each of them!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Both Shot
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