Episode 44 – White Angel 31

Lynda returns as White Angel Agent Knight in the sequel to White Angel 30. She arrives at Agent Starling’s apartment and is met by three Remo agents. One tries repeatedly to chloroform her, but the other two keep having to intervene to pound her into submission each time she breaks free. Finally, with their help, he manages to put her down. When she starts to come around, they put two slugs into her belly, which “kills her”. They then rip her shirt open and search her body, but keeping her dead is a challenge. So, one of them throws her over his shoulder and carries her to the bedroom. She is tied to a chair and garrotted until she dies a second time. When their boss comes to check on them, Agent Knight manages to break free and proceeds to shoot all of the henchmen with their own weapons. Unfortunately for her, their boss has come prepared with a self-constricting garrotte that he manages to slip over her head from behind and activate. The thin wire tightens immediately around her neck and Agent Knight suffers for a long time trying to survive this new Remo weapon. She fails as the garrotte crushes her neck, killing her and keeping her dead. The boss picks up her body in a cradle carry and leaves.

Lynda’s return performance is amazing in this latest White Angel episode!

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