Episode 462 – The Perfect Decoy

Suzi is the perfect decoy. She’s taken a job with the C.I.A. and left the Miami Morality Squad behind. Now, she distracts targets with her stunning looks, then assassinates them with her arsenal of C.I.A. weaponry.

Unfortunately for her, she was identified when leaving her last target’s place. The C.I.A. doesn’t want the authorities to trace her back to the agency, so they decide to take her out themselves.

A C.I.A. operative gets the drop on Suzi, but she tries to seduce him into sparing her for some hot sex, pulling off her top to encourage him to lower his silenced weapon, then slipping out of her dress and heading into the bedroom. She climbs onto the bed and continues her steamy seduction… but it doesn’t work.

The agent begins firing, double-tapping her first in her breast. She writhes in pain, and he takes aim again, driving a third slug into her other stupendous breast, and driving her into more erotic writhing. A fourth slug follows soon thereafter. Now, Suzi is entering her final death throes, and what wonderful death throes they are! Suzi heats up the screen as she performs a super sexy death scenario for our enjoyment!

Don’t miss Suzi’s latest sultry death scene!

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