Episode 479 – Do Unto Others

Three gorgeous women (Petra, Kerie & Lena) are individually chloroformed and placed in a locked room together. Their captor tells them that only one survivor will be released. Before Petra knows what’s happening, Lena and Kerie attack her. While Lena holds her arms, Kerie strangles Petra, not letting up until she’s dead!

Next, Lena and Kerie struggle and Lena ends up on top, and strangles Kerie to death.

Lena thinks she’s won her freedom, but he captor then enters the room, subdues her, and strangles her to death.

He then takes a closer look at Petra’s corpse, pulling down the top of her dress to reveal her stupendous breasts!

Three gorgeous women strangled for your enjoyment!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
All 3 strangled
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