Episode 484 – Drop Zone

Petra arrives home, but she is being watched from the shadows of her bedroom by a hitman!

She strips to bra and panties, then he bursts into view, leveling a silenced gun at her sexy body. She tries to flee, but is cornered, and has to plead for her life. The man ignores her pleas, shooting her in the belly to prolong her execution! Petra clutches her belly, falls onto the bed, and writhes in pain as the man enjoys her erotic body!

Next, he flips her onto her back, and takes aim at her white bra and stupendous breasts. First, he shoots her in the left breast, then after watching her suffer some more, drives another slug into her right breast.

Finally, he slips the barrel of his gun under the hem of her miniskirt and enjoys her pleas as he lines up her pussy for his final shot. He pulls the trigger and Petra reacts beautifully as the bullet finds its mark, pulling up her skirt to view the bloody wound.

The four bullets finally take their fatal toll on the gorgeous blonde, who slowly writhes and dies with a beautiful death stare on her shocked face.

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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