Episode 490 – Hands Off My Man

Milena accuses Petra of stealing her man, and breaks in on Petra while she’s dressed in a negligee lounging in bed. Incensed, Milena punches Petra in the face then scrambles onto the bed and straddles her, seizing her by the throat and strangling Petra while she writhes desperately under her! After a long struggle, Petra finally manages to push Milena off of her and switch positions with her, straddling Milena and hand strangling her! Petra does her best to strangle Milena, but once again the girls switch position, and Milena ends up on top again, intent on killing our blonde goddess! Then, Petra forces Milena off of her one more time, and assumes dominance once again in the battle of the sexy beauties!

Finally, Milena realizes that there’s discarded clothing under her, and she manages to pull a nylon free and wrap it around Petra’s neck while Petra is still bearing down on her. The two women are then locked in a battle to see who will weaken first as each continues to strangle the other. Petra is running out of time as it looks like Milena will outlast her, so she seizes Milena’s head and viciously snaps her neck, killing Milena instantly! Unfortunately for Petra, Milena’s hands are locked on the nylon that is wrapped tightly around Petra’s neck. Petra cannot dislodge the nylon before succumbing herself to the long, brutal strangle.

Both women die locked in their desperate and deadly struggle for survival!

Awesome girl-on-girl action in this one!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
1 strangled, I neck snapped!
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