Episode 506 – Copycat Killer

This is the last Petra video, filmed five years ago and released now, because we wanted to save the best for last!

“Copycat Killer” tells the story of two beautiful sisters, Petra and Jessica, who are discussing news of the latest victim of the serial killer known as the Zip Tie Killer. Petra is frightened and disgusted by the news, but Jessica seems intrigued by the exploits of this infamous killer. She thinks it’s cool how he commits the murders. When Petra heads off to bed, we see Jessica remove a zip tie from her purse. Petra’s life is insured for a lot of money and, as her next-of-kin, Jessica will inherit these funds upon Petra’s death. So, Jessica plans to kill her using the Zip Tie Killer’s M.O. and blame the murder on this elusive killer.

Once Petra’s asleep, Jessica creeps into her room, secures the zip tie around her neck, and watches as Petra struggles to escape her inevitable fate, providing us with lots of eye candy of her beautiful body going into her death throes and slowly dying of asphyxia.

Unfortunately for Jessica, the real Zip Tie Killer is stalking her, and she suffers immediate retribution at his hands as he secures a zip tie around her neck and enjoys her erotic death throes. She staggers about, slides down the wall, and comes to rest seated on the floor where she eventually expires. Then, her killer fondles her body as he explains how he tracked her down and stopped her from stealing his M.O.

Two beautiful babe deaths in this awesome video!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Both asphyxiated with zip ties
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