Episode 6 – Jean Blade Is Finally Defeated

This is the special upgraded “Collector’s Edition” version of the classic UKSG video “Jean Blade Is Finally Defeated”.

This is the final showdown between Agent Jean Blade and the villainess known as Ms. Misery.  The two sexy women exchange blows, and Jean Blade loses this fist fight, and awakens to find herself bound and being strangled with a red ribbon by Ms. Misery. It is a long, painful strangle as we enjoy Jean’s sexy face and body during her erotic death throes. A classic that now looks better than ever!

The original version was about 68.7 MB in WMV format.

This upgraded version is 505 MB in MP4 format and in widescreen and high resolution quality!

BONUS!  With the purchase of this video comes 9 Collector’s Postcards, which are each a full 1767 X 750 pixels in size. You’ll really enjoy the quality of these postcards, rendered without any logo or advertising text!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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