Episode 72: “Catwarrior 8: Captured Kitty”

Mink returns as the original Catwarrior. In this episode, we find out what happened to her. Was she killed as her sister was told? Well, she is still alive and has been held as a captive by the Collectors for the past year. When she attempts an escape, however, they decide that she’s too dangerous to to keep alive. So, they decide to film her being killed and sell it as a snuff video on the dark web.
Very erotic outing for our sexy cat burglar as she is strangled into submission, then stabbed, and her neck snapped to make sure that she’s dead.
There are also two other versions of this video:
1. A version exactly like the above Vivacious Vigilantes Death version, but where we’ve inserted a squirting orgasm while she’s being killed as well as during a post-mortem spasm. (This is released as V.V. #72a), and
2. A Peril version under the Sexy Superheroines banner where she survives.
Details of each version are listed on the poster to the left.

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Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Strangled, stabbed, and neck snapped!
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