Episode 8 – The Unknown Victim

This mini-series starring Sultry Suzi is back by popular demand!

Suzi once again plays psychic Shannon Oracle, and this time has a splitting headache which virtually knocks her out. In her psychic dream, she sees herself as an unknown victim letting a man into her apartment and gasping as he pulls a silenced gun and levels it at her. She pleads with him, but he’s determined and begins his killing by firing a slug into her belly. The impact lifts Suzi off the floor and drives her into panic mode. She staggers back, but the killer continues, this time nailing her in her beautiful breasts once… twice… the second shot spinning her around so that her upper body slams onto the kitchen counter. The man slips behind her, presses the gun’s muzzle into her back, and pulls the trigger. An exit wound explodes out of Suzi’s chest and she slips to the floor and enters her death throes. Suzi’s gorgeous body writhes wonderfully on the floor as the man watches her slowly die. Eventually, her beautiful eyes freeze into a death stare and her body stills.

Another fantastic death scene by Bluestone’s sexy scream queen!

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