Episode 98 – Night Encounter

Kerie breaks into Lena’s apartment and lies in wait for her. Lena is armed, but Kerie disarms her, and the girls engage in a vicious fist fight, which Lena apparently wins, until Kerie kicks her to the floor. As the girls struggle, Kerie manages to drape Lena backwards over a table, wrap a ligature around her neck, and begin strangling her as she writhes erotically on the table. Lena is resourceful though, seizing Kerie by the throat and threatening to strangle her before Kerie can finish Lena off. Lena is actually successful in hand strangling Kerie to death, but by then the ligature is twisted tightly around Lena’s neck. She tries to loosen it, but Kerie’s hands remain clenched in death, preventing Lena from pulling the ligature free of them. Lena slowly dies of asphyxiation at the hands of a dead women.

Two gorgeous babe killings in this strangle video!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Both Strangled!
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