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Amazon-Warriors Latest: February 12,2020
Olaf's "Portal of Time" reminds me of the place that I've always thought of as the "Amazon Gate" that appeared toward the rear of the pasture
that was up the hill in back of my place.
Unfortunately, I never took an accurate note of the circumstances that surrounded the times when the gate appeared.
The pasture is a thing of the past as it is now full of houses.
And I've often wondered what experiences, if any, that the home-owners may have experienced.

Be that as it may, the Amazon Team has put together what looks to be quite a brawl what with all the undraped females that were running around.
From the look of things, Olaf's Portal may be every bit as good as my Gate was - and better if you favor a firearm as your weapon of choice.
So let's have a peek at the slideshow as well as a link that will access the "Portal" at Olaf's site.
That is to say that it will unless Olaf's sign-in panel doesn't divert you - as it does to me every so often.
In which case you will find "The Portal of Time" amongst the videos offered under the "Modern Amazons" section of the Amazon-Warriors site. ... e/list.htm "The Portal of Time" ... -index.htm Amazon Archive

Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:19 pm
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Joined: Sat Feb 02, 2013 5:40 pm
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White Wolf Publications Latest: February 12,2020
White Wolf Publications has posted "Dead Girl Walking" to his website.
Actually, the Wolf posted this video back on the 6th and I apologize for being late with this update.
The White Wolf MediaFire previews are still available but I can no longer gain access to them
as my security software has deemed the link unfit for reasons best known to them - I guess.
Four of Sophie's ladies get worked over in this video so it promises to be - entertaining shall we say? ... alking.htm "Dead Girl Walking" ... -index.htm White Wolf Publications

Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:46 pm
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AmFight's Latest: February 12,2020
AmFight has released another pair of videos from his archive.
And as if AmFight's archived videos weren't a bargain enough in their own right,
with this "special" you will be getting two videos for little more than the price of one!
You'll have to click a link to get to the second slideshow
and then you may click back and forth between the two spear duels to your heart's content.
For some reason known only to the rules of a java script,
I could get only one slideshow to run properly on a single page. ... deshow.htm "Spear Fight 1 & 2" AmFight Index

Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:04 pm
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Sophie's Fantasy Art
February 14,2020

Four ladies are ready to fight to the death.
Gabrielle, as Sherry lays down the rules, then the party can begin.
In all three contest the killing method will be stabbing.

The 1st fighters are Sherry and Annica: ... /promo.htm Orgy Party to Death 1

The 2nd fighters are Angie and Jenny: ... /promo.htm Orgy Party to Death 2

The 3rd fighters are Jenny and Chrissy: ... /promo.htm Orgy Party to Death 3

It appears that Sophie has reduced the size of her collages to some extent ...
However you can easily see larger versions of these pictures by visiting her site: ... -index.htm Sophie's Fantasy Art

Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:00 am
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Sexy Latin Amazons
February 14, 2020
Mayra has released a new video in time for Valentine's Day!

Hello dear friends! I am here to announce the launch of the second part of BLOODY BEACH BATTLE.
I hope you like it, you can download the video on the official website: SexyLatinAmazon

You can also visit the blog to see MORE photos here: BlogSpot

The Amazons again fight in a bloody battle trying to seize the valuable beach that their enemies defend until death.
The two armies of Amazonas are balanced and it is not known what will be the end of this battle to the death. ... =emb_title

Blood Beach Battle - Part 2 ... -index.htm Sexy Latin Amazons @ Buck's Blog

Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:08 pm
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Black Nylons Latest: February 15,2020
Tom Gunn has just sent me an email and I won't spent time prattling about it because I've included his text verbatim in the slideshow promotion for a custom video that he or his sponsor has entitled "Slide It In Slowly".
And I'll let the producer give you an overview in the text that will appear as soon as I get the links to function properly.

Image ... deshow.htm Slide It In Slowly
is now on the Black Nylons Catalogue as well as other sundry goodies ... ... nylons.htm Black Nylons Films @ Buck's Blog

Sat Feb 15, 2020 4:44 pm
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