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This is where you will find discussions on all things relating to female death scenes from movies, T.V. and genre productions.
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CLICK HERE............................... !!! NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION INFO !!!

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Requirements for membership:

Must meet the minimum age requirement of your country of residence for accessing adult content.

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1) No foul language on thread titles or thread pages.

Exception: When writing/posting pulp stories... foul language is permitted within the context of a story.

2) No posting (art, pictures or video) of other fetish publishers or producers work...
UNLESS: Given permission to do so from producer or artist. OR... Stills of video is permitted if used in the
context of writing a video review or a critique of a video.

3) !!! !!! !!! VERY IMPORTANT !!! !!! !!!
Stories... Video... or Stills in any shape or form depicting under age women or men in any kind of sex act or death scene will not be tolerated!!!
Violators are subject to immediate and permanent dismissal from this board as well as the deletion of their post(s).

4) You can disagree with other members on things... but be respectful when doing so.

5) Thread titles can not be more then one ( 1 ) line in length.

6) Flooding any forum with posts will not be tolerated.

7) Only one board identity per person.

8) Questions or Problems E-Mail Us at:

Anything we see that is deemed to be not proper or not faithfully following above rules will receive a warning.
Repeat offenders will be subject to being banned from the board.

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