Add sound effects to videos

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Add sound effects to videos

Post by arthur13 »

I have several videos where a woman is shot but the sound of the shot is not very good or very loud. Is there a program on the internet that I can use to substitute a loud and good shooting sound, and get rid of the bad sound? While I am at it, is there a program on the internet which I can use to change videos so that I can add blood to a shooting, that has no blood? I guess that all of this is editing, and I have never done it, but I would like to try, to improve some good, but not good enough, videos and audios. Many thanks.
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Re: Add sound effects to videos

Post by Algenon5 »

Apologies for this delayed response to your question.

Here are two video editors which can add additional audio tracks to your video files:



I have and use both. However I prefer the AVS Editor for ease of use, and because its features and functions are most like those of the old (no longer available) Windows Video Editor, which are outlined in the post "EDITING YOUR VIDEOS." ... =16&t=4972

Have fun.

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