AstroKill reviews 'Samantha Smoothkill' by Annabelle

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AstroKill reviews 'Samantha Smoothkill' by Annabelle

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This video is actually a series of clips featuring the spy, Samantha Smoothkill by Annabelle's Fantasy. However, the clips I'm reviewing are in Nicheclips or in and I believe some aren't available anymore. In each clip of the series, Samantha is sent on a mission to assassinate certain female individuals.

I thought the acting in this series ranged from good to fair. It never gets quite excellent or poor, just believable. In all the clips, Samantha acts deliciously sexy, and acts like she truly does enjoy what she is doing. Her victims' acting ranges from the mediocre to the believable, and they die realistically, feigning stunned surprises or outright hostility that they are dying. The male supporting actors, though their roles are brief, do not overshadow the actresses' acting, and aren't cheesy or distracting when they act as a cliched bodyguard.

I felt the story in this excellent, it's your basic spy vs. evil spy, but when some of the sci-fi genre intruded, I thought the story took a sharp turn from what it used to be, and this took away from the "seriousness" of the plot and brought it to levity.

The technical aspects of this series varied, some clips were darker than others, but overall, I felt that the lighting and film quality were okay, it's not too dark, and it's not too light. What struck me is how calm the colors of the scenery all feel with the mood and tension going on. This may mean that the story wasn't paced fast enough, if I noticed a little thing like that. The camera angles in this were good enough, with body shots and facial shots in various successions.

The special fx in this was great, the bullets seems to vibrate the flesh it hits on, and blood trickled believeably, though the bullet wounds can be more realistic. The various bullets hit the various women's chests, forehead and breasts.

The deaths were admirably performed. Of note is Petra and Nikki's deaths, which I felt were erotic in some way. The death stares of each victim was inviting, however, one victim (an actress I do not know), seemed to be smiling, but it turned out to be just her face looking like it, and not really smiling.

The series is ok, it's solid if you are into spy girls and you need a spy fix, and overall, this series is a good time, but if you are into other fetishes, like strangling, or stabbing, you're still better off searching for other videos. But me, I'll continue purchasing Samantha clips.

AstroKill's Rating: 6.5 out of 10 stars
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