Review of Anne's Dreams Movie "Ice"

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Review of Anne's Dreams Movie "Ice"

Post by Sandi »

For my tastes, the Anne's Dreams production 'Ice' has it all.

First, for the gist, there are 4 female demises in this movie. The movie stars Ildiko, Orsi, Annica, and Sophie. The plot involves 3 compatriots, alone in a mansion, assumed to be a hideout of some sort, with a lone assassin who arrives to 'remove' all 3 of them. All demises are by gunshot, single gunshot, in this movie. Three are into belly or front of torso, one is a headshot, but probably THE best headshot reaction, for my tastes, that I have seen. I must emphasize that in general I do not like headshots, but the one here is so tastefully done and has such a GREAT death stare AND body flop and bounce onto a couch, that I loved it! Loved it so much I took a screen capture of the final body position and death stare on her back on that couch.

The scene-setting and actual PLOT, as is a staple of Anne's Dreams, contribute so much for me in terms of the build-up, the anticipation, the symbolic sexual foreplay to the climaxes to come during the death scenes. And there is a scene of a guard re-dressing, slowly, piece by piece...very erotic!

The camera begins by panning in on a beautiful isolated mansion by the sea, atop some rocks, as if on a 'point' or something. Beautiful place...thus mood begins to be set.

The first thing we see IS sexual foreplay between two guards.. One guard, is outside on the porch, with rifle in hand. The next guard, about to go on relief duty, is 'getting it on' with another one on a couch inside. Very soft sex scenes that hint at sex, involve body touching and handling and such, but without any explicit sex other than bodies gently rubbing against each other. Great foreplay...for what follows.

Here entereth...the Assassin, Sophie. She dispatches the guard on the porch....nice soft reaction with nice facial look, and a fall, single shot. Sophie then enters the house and the remaining 3 demises take place inside.

There are not wonderful 'squib' effects in this movie, but each Producer has his/her niche, and tastefulness and multiple body counts and variety in demises make up, for me, for the lack of squibs.

There is a mini-confrontation inside, where the Assassin ends up quite surprised herself. And a priceless look as the other one realizes later while cleaning up, that she also has taken a bullet.

I would give this movie a 9 out of 10, just because a 'perfect' score is hard to achieve. All deaths are by single gunshot in this clip, no lengthy demises at all, yet the multiple deaths make up for no 'lingering' on any one victim.

I highly recommend this movie, if your tastes include good reactions, hot-looking women dressed in VERY sexy outfits (a staple of Anne's Dreams clips, I have found I loved it. If you like extended death throes and multiple penetrations of a woman, this movie may not be for you.

I really enjoyed this movie and view it OFTEN...for the moods it creates. All I can say is that the Anne's Dreams style works for me.

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Re: Review of Anne's Dreams Movie "Ice"

Post by Max5s »


Csodálatos!! Thanks for your nice review. The actresses, Susy, John and myself are very pleased that you enjoyed the video.
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Re: Review of Anne's Dreams Movie "Ice"

Post by denis »

agree with you sandi. has a very nice video. and I see that you love the beautiful things. annesdreams, makes beautiful videos, and girls, very beautiful :excited:

d'accord avec toi sandi. s'est une très belle vidéo. et je vois que tu aime les belle choses. annesdreams, fait de belles vidéos, et les filles, très belles :excited:

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Re: Review of Anne's Dreams Movie "Ice"

Post by Bigjohn »

Thanks for your EXCELLENT review Sandi!
It's much appreciated love! :X

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Re: Review of Anne's Dreams Movie "Ice"

Post by rsgold09 »

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