"Dark Widow: The Real Deal (Collector's Edition)" is UP!

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"Dark Widow: The Real Deal (Collector's Edition)" is UP!

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Collector's Editions #48 – "Dark Widow: The Real Deal" has been released!

This is the 2-for-1 package, including both the extreme/death version as well as the peril version of this classic video in upgraded BIG screen format and resolution!

Get it here: https://www.silknblood.com/store/index. ... ct&id=1552
or for Bitcoin users here: https://genrevideos.com/store/bluestone ... s-edition/

The trailer is available on both purchase pages.
Dark Widow The Real Deal 2023 poster copy.jpg
In “Dark Widow 2: The Real Deal (Collector’s Edition)”, Claire is awesome as the sexy and sassy title character.

Is this the real deal? Who is this new Dark Widow who looks strikingly like the villainess known as Titania. Well, her captor is equally interested in finding out who she is, and interrogates her… until she breaks free and takes the fight to him… proving once and for all that she’s the ‘real deal’! Then, depending on the version you buy, there are varying outcomes!

In the Extreme (Vivacious Vigilantes) version, Dark Widow first has her back broken, is garrotted into unconsciousness, is shot twice with a silenced pistol, then her neck is snapped to finish her! In the Peril (Sexy Superheroines) version, she is not shot and actually survives her battle with the Collector.

The Extreme (Death) version of this video is 13.5 minutes (without the closing credits), the “Sexy Superheroines” Peril version is 12.5 minutes (without the closing credits).

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