"Her Last Photoshoot (Director's Cut)" is up!

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"Her Last Photoshoot (Director's Cut)" is up!

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Completely re-edited and upgraded to BIG screen format and resolution!

Petra is a sexy model who is shot topless after failing to seduce a stone cold hitman!

Get it here:
https://www.silknblood.com/store/index. ... ct&id=1471
or for Bitcoin users here:
https://genrevideos.com/store/directors ... 0%99s-cut/

Petra plays a model who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is in the middle of a photoshoot when the photographer (Meredith) takes a break to try to save herself from a loan shark's threats. During this break, the loan shark's enforcer enters the photo studio, terminates Meredith with a shot to the heart, and then goes after Petra to ensure that there are no witnesses. Petra strips to her panties, showing off her naked breasts and offering her body for her life. The cold-hearted killer instead uses her spectacular chest for target practice, blasting her in both breasts and in her cleavage, resulting in her sliding to the floor, covered in blood. The killer then moves in to finish her at close range, pressing his silenced gun against her right breast and pulling the trigger! Petra finally dies following some more erotic body gyrations! This sexy classic has been upgraded to BIG screen and high resolution format. The entire video has been both re-edited and the f/x upgraded. There is an instant replay as well as a slow motion replay of Petra's killing scene!

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