"SYCC #54 - Loose Ends" (Yvonne ) is UP!

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"SYCC #54 - Loose Ends" (Yvonne ) is UP!

Post by Bluestone »

"SYCC: Loose Ends" is NOW AVAILABLE!

Yvonne and two partners completed a heist, but Yvonne planned to cut out one of her partners, using the other. Unfortunately for her, the wrong man survived, and now she has to use all of her feminine charms to distract him until she can kill him. There's lots of kissing and topless action while she does her convincing. Then, she locks her lips on his and reaches for a nearby kitchen knife. He seizes it first though, and buries it into her belly twice. She tries to stagger away, but the knife is next buried into her naked breast!

This brutal execution of Yvonne while topless is not to be missed!

Get it here:
https://www.silknblood.com/store/index. ... ct&id=1480
or for Bitcoin users here:
https://genrevideos.com/store/scotland- ... oose-ends/
Loose Ends poster copy.jpg
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Don't miss this sexy, fatal stabbing of luscious Yvonne!

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What is your main fetish?: quick silenced shootings and stranglings.
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I'd also rather like to correspond with women who also have this particular fetish; of course, they're playing the victims. I do love women and am very much opposed to violence in real life.
Referral: I saw a clip from 'scotland yard cold cases' somewhere, and have since been collecting these short downloads. It would be good to see these particular murder set-pieces evolve. The whole english concept seems somehow innately sexy.
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Re: "SYCC #54 - Loose Ends" (Yvonne ) is UP!

Post by consigni »

Yvonne and Bill and the big kitchen knife are all good in this story.
I especially enjoyed Yvonne's reactions, both facially and vocally, following each of those stabs.

The scene where her character struggles to stay alive with that big blade buried deep in her bosom is classic!
Yvonne's defeated death stare and exposed pose are also commendable throughout those final body shots.
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Re: "SYCC #54 - Loose Ends" (Yvonne ) is UP!

Post by gladiator »

what a fantastic movie best yvonne performance , this is really fantastic , thanks Blue :razz:
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