"White Angel 32" is UP!

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"White Angel 32" is UP!

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The Internet is back in Canada, and here's the release that you've been waiting for...

"White Angel 32" is NOW AVAILABLE here:
https://www.silknblood.com/store/index. ... ct&id=1485\
The "b" version without the orgasmic squirt can be bought here:
https://www.silknblood.com/store/index. ... ct&id=1486
For Bitcoin users, there's a 2-fort-1 package here:
https://genrevideos.com/store/sexy-spie ... -angel-32/

Not to be missed! The Trailer can be viewed at the stores.
WA 32 poster.jpg
WA 32 still 5 copy.jpg
WA 32 still 27 copy.jpg
WA 32 still 29 copy.jpg
WA 32 still 30 copy.jpg

Yvonne returns as a White Angel Agent who has one failing... not only is she vulnerable to strangulation, but she loves the feeling of being strangled. It brings her to climax, bringing on a distracting orgasm. In this episode, she tempts fate one last time, becoming so aroused as her opponent strangles her that she lets him kill her. Then, before she can regenerate, he makes sure by snapping her lovely neck.

For sure White Angel #32 is the most erotic White Angel episode EVER!

There is also a "b" version without the orgasmic squirt for those not interested in it.

Don't miss it!

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