"SYCC #55: Call M For Murder" (Cameron) is UP!

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"SYCC #55: Call M For Murder" (Cameron) is UP!

Post by Bluestone »

"SYCC #55: Call M For Murder" is NOW AVAILABLE!

Cameron Drew re-creates Grace Kelly's classic role in Hitchcock's "Dial M For Murder" in this updated version entitled "Call M For Murder"! The hitman waits in the shadows for his client's midnight call. When it comes, the client's sexy wife climbs out of bed, walks into the kitchen, and answers the cell phone where it lies re-charging on the kitchen counter. As she tries to get a response from the caller, the killer moves into position directly behind her, a white scarf pulled tight between gloved fists. Then, as she puts down the phone, he whips the scarf around her neck from behind. What follows is a realistic struggle as the sexy victim manages to turn to face her attacker but is then forced back onto the kitchen counter as he pulls the scarf even tighter. She weakens slowly, allowing us to enjoy her final moments of life. Then, in order to make sure that she is dead, he jerks the scarf violently, snapping her delicate neck! Stepping back, he admires the gorgeous blonde lying dead on the counter, beautiful eyes staring blindly into space!

Get it here:
https://www.silknblood.com/store/index. ... ct&id=1493
or for Bitcoin users here:
https://genrevideos.com/store/scotland- ... or-murder/
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This awesome video is not to be missed

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What is your main fetish?: quick silenced shootings and stranglings.
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I'd also rather like to correspond with women who also have this particular fetish; of course, they're playing the victims. I do love women and am very much opposed to violence in real life.
Referral: I saw a clip from 'scotland yard cold cases' somewhere, and have since been collecting these short downloads. It would be good to see these particular murder set-pieces evolve. The whole english concept seems somehow innately sexy.
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Re: "SYCC #55: Call M For Murder" (Cameron) is UP!

Post by consigni »

This is a really great little episode to showcase the return of Cameron to Cold Cases!

It's nicely lit, tightly edited, and fits within my perception of a perfect timeframe.

Cameron puts up a convincing struggle against the hitman
- the shots surveying her face, neck and chest being particularly arousing -
before the sudden snapping of her neck leaves us with a gratifyingly sexy shocked death stare.


I'd love to see Cameron as a feisty young police officer hot on the trail of the UK Strangler!
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