"Ultrawoman 16: Mastering the Power" is UP!

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"Ultrawoman 16: Mastering the Power" is UP!

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"Ultrawoman 16: Mastering the Power" has been released early!

Get it here:
Extreme version: https://www.silknblood.com/store/index. ... ct&id=1581
Peril version: https://www.silknblood.com/store/index. ... ct&id=1580
Both for Bitcoin users:
https://genrevideos.com/store/bluestone ... the-power/

Agent Steel takes on a double agent who has been experimented upon and now calls himself Powermaster! He is able to weaken and defeat Agent Steel. So, Steel has to reveal her secret identity as Ultrawoman in order to even the odds. Notwithstanding, Ultrawoman takes a blast full in the chest that cuts her power in half. Powermaster also chloroforms Ultrawoman to further take the fight out of her. The Amazon and the enhanced human then fight until the tide turns in favour of Powermaster as he lifts Ultrawoman into a bearhug, cracks her back, and then strangles her with his bare hands until her neck snaps under the pressure! In the Extreme version, she dies from this fatal neck snap. In the Peril version, she barely survives, but Powermaster assumes she is dead and leaves her broken body sprawled upon the floor. Lynda is awesome as both secret agent and sexy Amazon. "Mastering the Power" is not to be missed!

Trailer is here:



Ultrawoman-Mastering The Power poster copy.jpg
Ultrawoman- Mastering The Power still 5 copy.jpg
Ultrawoman- Mastering The Power still 10 copy.jpg
Ultrawoman- Mastering The Power still 37 copy.jpg
Ultrawoman- Mastering The Power still 41 copy.jpg
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