"SYCC - Favourite Move" (Heather) is UP!

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"SYCC - Favourite Move" (Heather) is UP!

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"SYCC - Favourite Move" (Heather) has been RELEASED EARLY!

Get it here:
https://www.silknblood.com/store/index. ... ct&id=1609
or for Bitcoin users here:
https://genrevideos.com/store/scotland- ... rite-move/
Favourite Move poster copy.jpg
Favourite Move Still 18 copy.jpg
Favourite Move Still 33 copy.jpg
Favourite Move Still 27 copy.jpg
Favourite Move Still 29 copy.jpg
Heather is a most gorgeous date until she asks her companion what his favourite move is with women. He then demonstrates his move by wrapping his necktie around her lovely neck and strangling her! After nearly passing out, Heather manages to break free, and crawls, then flees for the door. The killer catches her, punching her in the face, then hand strangling her against the wall. After a fairly long strangle, she again breaks free, but is laid out with a knock-out punch! While she's out, the killer retrieves his necktie, turns her over, wraps it around her neck, and when she regains consciousness, he strangles her to death, cracking then snapping her neck to end the strangle, and making sure with some post-mortem neck cracking. Then, he carries away his prize in an over-the-shoulder carry!

Heather puts in another awesome performance as a most desirable victim in short skirt, tight top, dark hose and heels!

Not to be missed!

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