Sexy Swimmer Stabbed HD from Crimson Rapture my review

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Sexy Swimmer Stabbed HD from Crimson Rapture my review

Post by Storm9 »

Sexy Swimmer Stabbed HD

Crimson Rapture video starring Brandy D'vinn

Video available Crimson Rapture store nicheclips for $16.00

This young lady, is definately a new fresh face to keep an eye out for.
I have seen her store, and I was interested in trying something from her. Then saw this video post, and had to try it.

Brandy is young, slender and seems to know how to dress her body, to make it look good. She is not doing nudity, yet the swimsuit does look VERY nice on her.
Will admit, by the end, was mentally picturing the next step, as the swimsuit slowly peeled from her, as she lays.
So, yes she looks good in it. Nice choice by her.

I will be honest, when the video starts, we begin to watch her move in the single piece suit. The setting is on rooftop it seems. So you do get capture of the wind. First words, may not be the easiest to hear. Yet they do work with it, and other dialogue is picked up better, and easier to hear.

Brandy is confronted, and soon we see her being stabbed 3 times. Mainly we see the action, and her reaction, as her killer's arm moves, with the bloody knife, in and out 3 strikes.

Then it is all Brandy.
I give MAJOR credit here, as the lady is not afraid to get messy for our viewing. Her swimsuit now torn, we get to see Brandy fairly bloody, as she begins her slow pain filled demise.
Her body jerking as she works her way down to the ground, so to speak. (Roof top).
Brandy moves her body nicely at times, even running her hands over it, as she is sunning earlier.

We finish with Brandy very bloody, her swimsuit wet from it. Blood around her, and even run down her legs, and onto her bare feet.
Then different angle body pans, including the feet.

Video is a large file, as it is HD .

For some, you may want more intense and up close knifing.
Brandy's style might not be your cup of tea.
Yet I am very pleased with this video myself, keeping in mind, she is just getting started.
I definately will buy something of hers again, as I feel this lady might definately be someone to keep an eye on, as she gets better, as she explores her craft, and fetish.

A few things I may have wanted different. Yet for a young model, just getting going. I think Brandy did a nice job, and looked nice doing it.

So I will give this a solid 7 out of 10 for my personal tastes and likes. Keeping in mind, I think she is just going to get better as she does more.
So keep an eye on Brandy D'vinn and Crimson Rapture.

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Re: Sexy Swimmer Stabbed HD from Crimson Rapture my review

Post by Brandy »

It makes me beam with delight to hear that you are pleased with your purchase from Crimson Rapture. I am compiling quite an incredible team of talent for our upcoming productions so I only hope to get better in the future! Thank you so much for your kindness. It means the world to me Storm. xoxo :love: :X
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