Brandy bikini belly and heart shot

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Brandy bikini belly and heart shot

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OK here is my review of this video.

First thing that catches the eye of course, is how Brandy rocks in the tight short, shorts and bikini top.
The lady looking lovely, as video begins.

I will be honest, trying to move camera angles, at beginning of video few lighting issues happen.
YET during the important scenes and views does not cause a problem, and seem to be well lit then.

Brandy not totally an innocent victim here, if you pay attention.
Brandy gets belly shot first, good reaction.
Then some nice amount of time, her staggering around, then writhing on the floor, as blood flows.

Some very nice views/ pans of her body during this. Blood on her shorts, and body, before she gags blood out her mouth.
Brandy does a good job, with the heart shot, more blood, before her death.
I like the way, as she lays and the camera gives nice pans of her body. The blood shows even more around her, as if she is lying in a pool of her own blood. Nice amount on her body as well by the end.
Brandy as usual giving a GREAT death stare, before finally being dragged off.

Their is no nudity, yet she does look great in her outfit.
The lighting at start does distract a bit. YET is good when it counts during the rest of it.

For my tastes/ likes due to no nudity and lighting.
I still would have to give this a 4 out of 5 stars for my enjoyment of it.
The video purchased for $13.00 through her Crimson Rapture store.

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