AstroKill reviews 'Commando Assassin' by Horror Variety

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AstroKill reviews 'Commando Assassin' by Horror Variety

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Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE bad girls. Bad girls meaning: criminals, enemy spies or terrorists. Some of you may know me as the guy who makes the "Terrorist.." customs with Psycho-Thrillers and the "C.T.O.P.S" video with RueMorgue. With that being said, what started this little sub-fetish of mine began with this little special gem of a video (and an artist by the name of waraji in This video is 'Commando Assassin' by Horror Variety Theater

The plot for this is simply put: bad girls take control of a computer disk that contains sensitive information, and an assassin retrieves it and kills all the accomplices to the plot.

What brought this video to my attention is two things, the special FX bullet work (in consultation with Dr. Don), and the remarkable actress Kerri Taylor. Back then, in the past, I loved this video, as it satisfied my seeing of bad girls. It fact, it was rare to see bad girls then, especially bad girls being shot.

This review may be a bit biased, as it pertains to my sub-fetish (bad girls and shooting), and that this video is reviewed as assuming that I watched it in the past (there are a lot of great videos that came after this, comparing this video to all the great videos that came afterwards is unfair).

This film is brief, what sets it apart is the simple plot, and the creative use of henchwomen. The first victims are masked, played by Debbie and Kerri and they are shot down quickly; the second one is Debbie with a black wig, and she is shot in the throat. The third one is Kerri, unmasked this time, walking topless and later removing her jeans and she is shot down while sunbathing in the nude. The last victim is the bad girl who stole the disk, Debbie, now wearing a blonde wig, shot in the chest. Each victim performs admirably, quick deaths are quick, and shots that are meant to have the victim linger in pain are done not too quickly and not too long either. Debbie does a good job trying to act out multiple roles, as each role is subtly different than the other. Kerri does a great job as the hot babe, and seeing her nude made me swoon, and her reaction being shot was believable.

I wished we see saw more of Kerri's face, and that the first two guards weren't masked (maybe new wigs would have done this). There is also a visible cut in between one scene where Kerri gets shot as well.

What got me to buy this film was the subject matter (not the models, as I didn't know them at the time), and this clip was very reasonably priced for it's length of time. But this clip turned out to be a great value for the bad girl fan. Heck, it turned me on to bad girls, and it definitely made me appreciate Kerri's acting and body and respect Debbie's acting.

From this clip, I wished to see more of Kerri, whom, I think, starred in three more clips. However, seeing Kerri as a bad girl was great to me. Maybe if she portrays next time as evil clone soldiers getting shot.... :wink: Man, I would buy that clip in an instant. Shooting, bad girls, and believable reactions after being shot make me want more bad girl clips from Horror Variety Theater with Kerri.

AstroKill's Rating: 8 out of 10
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