Sung In BLue Debbie D Pms productions, with Dalila Di Capri

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Sung In BLue Debbie D Pms productions, with Dalila Di Capri

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Okay did one of Dalila's productions, same 2 ladies.

To be fair, now for one of Debbie D's.

First the video stars Debbie D. and Dalila Di Capri.

Debbie plays nicely, the role of new young lady to the mix. Debbie a little naive about how things work in Vegas.
Dalila plays the more street smart of the two. Dalila has been around the scene a little longer, so knows what to look for.

Pennpaul plays the lecherous possible talent scout agent.

May we say, Debbie gets taken advantage of.

Dalila helps make plans for revenge that go very wrong.

So wrong, we end up being treated to Dalila.. (The woman is so HOT!!!) Dressed in a thong, and nothing else.
Debbie dressed in some garter and lace, and topless. Debbie looking very good as well.
Getting strangled on the bed.

Debbie is a pro, at dying by the stocking to the throat.
Dalila does wonderful, and love that final last breath she gives.

I have to admit, only because any guy, in the videos losing clothing at all, a turn off for me.
NOT what I am here for.
So having Pennpaul, in the scene with the two stunning victims, loses a point with me.
Though I am sure many of you, this will not bother. That is just me.

Still based on the ladies performances, and the amount of their very nice bodies, they display, as they struggle and die.
I have to say this is between a 7 and 8 for me out of ten.
Less of the male character at the end, would have made it better for me.

Still I am very glad I got this video.
Thanks ladies. :clap:

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