SLOW DEATH Debbie D.'s PMS productions.

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SLOW DEATH Debbie D.'s PMS productions.

Post by Storm9 »

Video stars ...
Debbie D. , Tabitha, Kimberly Marvel, Derek Synklair, Beverly Bacci,
Jordana, and Tracy C Lixx

Debbie D , actually wrote and directed this. So it is with a very nice surprise.
Debbie herself, plays the first victim, dying full nude. Giving us her own, nice body, to see perform the first erotic demise.

Each lady, in order of listed above. Meet a serial killer, that stabs his victims to death, as he watches.
Some of the stabs, in view. Many as he gets excited. Kind of like the Hitchock Psycho.
You maybe see the models face, as the knife rises and falls over and over.

Each lady, has a nice amount of screen time, as she is stabbed to death by the killer.
Almost all of the victims end up, full nude, laid on their backs, when dead.

A lot of towels being dropped.
One dies bikini bottoms, yet does show lower frontal nudity, briefly when changing.
One dies, topless wearing panties.

Most of the ladies give a death stare as they lay bloody, and dead on the floor.
Beverly Bacci, gets hers, while in the tub.
Her head slips under, and a nice death stare is given.

Some pans, of each victim, as she lays dead, as well.

Has a lot of things I like. I think I can easily give this 8 or 9 out of ten.
It is Available, in Debbie's Horror Variety Niche clip store.
Price is $25.00 and you do get 7 ladies, dying by stabbing.

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Re: SLOW DEATH Debbie D.'s PMS productions.

Post by Storm9 »

Paul ...

Ummmm not sure if it is okay for me to be adding more posts here or not.
Still you asked an honest question. So think I can answer.

It is small, and I am by far not any kind of expert. Yet I think it is probably the retractable kind.
Many of the stabs as mentioned you only see the knife going up and down. The actress reacting.
There are some decent stabs, presses to the body you do see. Breast and belly.
The actresses curling onto the blade, as they take the wound.
Some of the ladies doing a nice job, of working their bodies, as they are attcked and die.

Hope this helps, and sorry I can not make the call 100% on the knife used.
Can only give you what I think it is.

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Re: SLOW DEATH Debbie D.'s PMS productions.

Post by leone »

Save your money, Paul. Just purchased and watched it. Definitely a retractable knife. The reactions, outside of the last victim, are pretty awful. They all seem more annoyed than anything at being stabbed. I mean, really. Who would be saying - in a tone more whiny than scared - "get out of here" or "get out of my house" after the third time they've been stabbed? Yeesh.
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Re: SLOW DEATH Debbie D.'s PMS productions.

Post by jafa »

Just a footnote for your questions, fellas. Horror Variety Theater features Debbie D as the principal actress. The Theater is sponsored by PMS Productions.

Based on the discussions, I would suggest an actress rating is in order. That might be helpful to Debbie and the production company.
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