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Recap of "Calamity Kate" Starring Talanis and Shemina
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Author:  tostig [ Sun Jun 07, 2020 5:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Recap of "Calamity Kate" Starring Talanis and Shemina

I wanted to do a quick recap of today's release, "Calamity Kate". The movie is 15 minutes of lovely Talanis in her Indian warrior squaw gear getting gunned down, stabbed and having her throat slit. If you think that sounds pretty good, it is even better than that. Olaf lists 18 instances of Talanis getting killed and I guess that is accurate. But I am going to make it brief and only talk about one clip in this review.

Starting at the 7:27 mark and lasting for almost exactly one minute, this section of the film was worth 200 credits on it's own. Calamity Kate (Shemina) is out of bullets. Talanis charges her, dagger in hand and the two women lock up. Talanis takes Shemina to the ground and straddles her in a missionary position. The tip of Talanis's dagger flicks at Shemina's left nipple, and you kind of hope it is a prop because the skin turns from pink to white and you realize it is actually very close to cutting her. What you don't see immediately is that Talanis's bare left foot is clamping down on Kate's knife hand and subduing her. Only when Kate breaks the grip if the Indian's finger-like toes does she slice open Talanis's thigh. Talanis immediatly rolls in pain and Kate pounces on her and drives her dagger into Talanis's chest. At this point, the scene shifts into a second gear, imho. Kate pulls the knife and we see an absolutely gorgeous profile of Talanis laying slightly on her right side with her arms raised above her head. The pose is beautiful and you notice the bump of her nip raising above the terrain of her breast. It is simply the perfect setting for a stomach stabbing, and Kate obliges by sinking the blade deep into Talanis's gut. You do not see the wound at all, and that is just fine because Talanis convulses in agony and sells it so well. The suggestion of the closeups of Talanis's soles and twitching toes is that the massive, razor sharp blade is being twisted inside the Indian's body for about 20 seconds. Simply incredible! This is what I buy the movies for. As Shemina climbs off, we get an even better view of Talanis's body in death.

I could not have written this scene better myself. It certainly fits the definition of what I like to call a "Big Death", but I won't elaborate on that here. In fact, I don't know that I would have ever conceived of it precisely as it ended up. Much of what I like is intangible, I know it when I see it. And this is "it"! We are all thinking about Geno lately and hoping for the best. He gets on me for painting too rosey a picture in my reviews and not practicing impartiality. But I just don't like to write about things that don't impress me. I guess we will have to wait a while long for a bad one :).

Some Captures from this Clip






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