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Recap of "Laura Craft Vs. The Amazons-Part 3"

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 11:51 pm
by tostig
"Laura Craft vs. The Amazons-Part 3" starring ANTARIS, SHEMINA, SARAMIS, SAPHYRA, AVERIA

It was a 36 hour flight to get "Lara Craft vs. The Amazons Part 3" from Germany to American fly over country, with several layovers. But it finally touched down this afternoon. This movie and I have been through a lot together, so I feel all who perished in it's making deserve a eulogy. Everyone died, to end the suspense, including Laura Craft. The only surivor in fact was the last incarnation of Shemina.

The first scene I want to discuss is Saphyra's first death. Laura is laying in wait as the Amazon Warriors stalk by scanning the perimeter of the set for Laura Craft. Craft waits for the group to pass before stepping out from the darkness and plugging the last warrior in line, Saphyra. I had flashbacks to watching "Sgt. York" starring Gary Cooper with my dad when I was about 5 years old. As a hunter in the mountains of Tennessee, York practiced a technique of shooting the last wild turkey in a group, so that the birds in front do not instantly scatter. Laura Craft must have been a fan because it is the technique she employs to eliminate all four of these birds.


Shemina fans will enjoy this movie. I usually look for one Amazon to take over the screen, and if I was forced to say who stole this show I would identify Shemina this time (actually I just willingly said it). I am not consoling Shemina for not getting to die in the end, but for two really good death scenes early on and her acting in general. At the 1:20 mark she is double blasted in the chest and goes down hard on her knees. This knee dropping fascination of mine is getting out of control. I love it, but at the same time I grit my teeth every time one of these ladies do that to themselves. They are young and in the prime of their lives, but the pounding of those falls can take a toll. Anyway, in slow-mo Shemina does it flawlessly and (almost) pulls off another favorite move of mine, the belly flop.


Later, when Laura Craft finally reaches the end of her ammo, Shemina really takes over. At 3:08, the wiley Shemina is being dominated by Laura (Antaris) but manages to introduce her knife to Laura's left side. Laura falls to the side clutching the knife, but Shemina is just getting started. Savagely, Shemina stabs Antaris three more times in the belly before planting a stake through Lara Craft's heart with about 5 more minutes of movie to go. What to do with all that time? Shemina entertains.


Shemina walks around and poses all of her sisters' bodies on their backs with their arms crossed in front of their chests. It seems strange at first, but you soon realize she is honoring them by putting them in a warrior's pose. As she puts Averia in this position, Shemina effectively conveys the love she has for her, and does an even more emotional job when she hovers over Saramis's corpse. She gently rolls Saphyra onto her back so that she will not suffer the indignity of having her face planted in the dirt. It is all really well done, and coupled with her understated performance in "Trial by Combat" I am beginning to realize how good of an actress Shemina really is. When she plunders the body of Laura Craft, Shemina takes one of Laura's guns and studies it like an artifact before squeezing a round off into the trees. Ultimately, she does not embrace it's power and collects the knives belongings of her fallen sisters instead. To be honest, I talk about good acting and I am sincere when I say I appreciate it. I don't buy movies looking for great acting first, of course. But it sure does make a difference when it comes to play, as it often does in Amazon Warrior movies by so many.

I will conclude by mimicking our fiend Skullchaser's technique and give you things I liked and things I didn't like...

Things I liked
- Saphyra's hair - This is a style I forgot to mention I liked when she asked the question.
- 2:07 - Headshot on Averia (her second death).
- Antaris as Laura Kraft. Frankly I wasn't sure it was great casting at first, but she has done well.
- 6:12 - Saphyra leg show I particularly liked.

Things I Did Not Like
- Laura Craft is in the title. Her death scene was good, but I would not call it or any death in the movie a "big death". For all the good things I said about Shemina's acting, it was necessary because all of the action was over within five minutes. A little more time and creativity to Laura's death would have been nice.
- Saramis is a beautiful girl and I am still dying to see her in a break out role. This is not it. Maybe someone could point me a great Saramis movie?
- Not my favorite music, but it must be hard to get the licensing for over 1,000 music scores.
- The download time, of course. I hope something can be done.

Link to Full Movie ... 19dfb602ef