"Wet and Wild"

Reviews of Bluestone's videos can be posted to this forum. Bluestone also distributes the UKSG Classics, so those reviews will be placed here too. Bluestone's videos feature beautiful women in sexy attire, including some nudity, but with no explicit sexual content. Most of the videos are crime dramas and the M.O.'s include shootings, stabbings, strangulations, drownings, arrowings, hangings, electrocutions, and various other methods of demise.

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"Wet and Wild"

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"Wet and Wild” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve:..(4 out of 5)

All the tops come off in "Wet and Wild" , Blue’s latest hit from his “Silk & Blood” Video series.

Blue’s Synopsis
Don't miss this double bathtub shooting video! Two beautiful babes are shot in their naked breasts!
This episode features Kerie and Lena as murder victims who are shot in their Jacuzzi a year apart!
Kerie is fully nude in the Jacuzzi when a killer enters and shoots her to death!
A year later, he recreates his crime with Lena, a hot Latin beauty!
Both women perform erotic death scenes.
This is one of only two topless videos ever made by Lovely Lena. Don't miss this rare event!

G-Man's Review

In this almost bare all video… we get to see Kerie nude and for the first time Lena topless in this double shot in the tub video!!!
First up is the luscious Kerie who shows off all of her bare assets with a very stimulating slow and sexy strip before sliding into
the bathtub. Then lying conviently (for us) in clear water, Kerie performs a bit of self skin massage just before the killer (Blue)
When Blue does show up (equipped silencer handgun), he waists little time in pumping two slugs into the Kerie’s left breast
and causing the naked siren to buck, moan, and jerk violently.
Now in shock, Kerie looks down at the two neat holes in her chest with a “I can’t believe what just happened expression on
her face.
Well, Blue doesn’t wait long and puts two more slugs into the beefy beauty. This time both hitting her in the right breast and
causing body to jerk almost out of the tub.
Blue now stands and looks at the results of his handy work… watching his blond victim’s life slowly ooze away as Kerie gives
weaker and weaker whining/moans and gyrations until she lies still with a death stare.
The the camera gives great body pans and angles of the now very dead Kerie.
Next the flips to a year later and we now see Lena in the same room also undressing to take a bath.
We see her disrobe down to only her bikini undies, showing off her fine looking bare rack for the first time.
Then the scene moves to her already lying in a bubble-bath tub with her chest still in view.
As with the last victim, again we see some eye candy as Lena rubs and washes her body before her killer (Blue) arrives.
Now relaxing with eyes closed, Lena feels a presence and opens her eyes to look up and sees Blue pointing a gun at her.
Startled we see Lena move and jerk her body around the tub. But with no where to go… taking deep breaths and tries lifting her
body out and fully exposing her well shaped breasts.
With Lena no where to escape… Blue now fires his silenced pistol once, hitting the shapely brunet in the belly and causing her
whole body to jerk forward then back,
displaying painful facial expressions while twisting and thrusting her body around her now water coffin.
Within seconds Blue is relentless and fires two more rounds into the now doomed vixen… hitting Lena twice in her left breast and
causing her to jerk again more violently.
While still in her death rattle… Blue pumps one last slug into the now dying Lena, this time hitting her in the right breast and causing
her to go into a final stimulating death writher until lying still with a open eyed death stare.

Hits & Misses
Both gals do a real good job acting out their scenes.
Especially this time I feel Lena does just that bit better then her co-star Kerie.
Giving some fine coordinated reactions and facial expressions with each bullet hit.
Plus… for the first time we get to see Lena’s very fine pair of assets.
Kerie gives us another fine disrobing performance and again showing off all her fine bare assets.
The only critizum of the video is… during Kerie’s death scene I feel she stayed too long in one position and was a bit repetitive with
her reactions.
However… Blue again provides awesome CGI & FX effects with each breast hit.
As well as giving plenty of long, multi-angle views of each of the dead beauties poses and then slow-mo recaps of both death scenes.

Fetish Elements: Shot in the nude in bathtub with silencer, Multiple bare breast hits, Strip scene, Lingering death, Writhing.
Another fine Blue video showing two hot looking babes getting shot in the buff… is another must see for any shooting fan!!!
G-Man rates
"Wet and Wild" as a “Great To Have”!!! . :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: .(4 out of 5)

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