Tangled Web

Reviews of Bluestone's videos can be posted to this forum. Bluestone also distributes the UKSG Classics, so those reviews will be placed here too. Bluestone's videos feature beautiful women in sexy attire, including some nudity, but with no explicit sexual content. Most of the videos are crime dramas and the M.O.'s include shootings, stabbings, strangulations, drownings, arrowings, hangings, electrocutions, and various other methods of demise.

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Tangled Web

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Tangled Web


Charlotte (Kerie) puts on makeup in the bathroom. She is wearing a negligee that accentuates her curves. After that she tries to blackmail a man, but instead of paying the ransom, he hires a hitman to eliminate Charlotte. The hitman breaks into her apartment, chases her down. Defenseless Charlotte tries to lock herself in the bedroom, but it is in vain. The hitman is about to kill her. Charlotte decides to use her secret weapon. This weapon turns out to be her magnificent body. She turns on her erotic charms. First, she shows off her body. Then, she rises from the bed, embraces the hitman, and kisses him passionately. The man is a professional though, and as they kiss, he raises his silenced gun and shoots her in the belly in ‘I, the Jury’ style! Charlotte falls to the floor, writhing in pain. After enjoying her death throes for a while, the killer kneels down and shoots her in the cleavage at close range to finish her off!

Video impressions

First of all, Victor is a perfect charismatic leader. There’s also a cameo of Derek. He plays an ironic burgess who hides a trump card.
Kerie is the absolute show queen. I love every second she’s in that shot. I love the opening scene where Kerie puts on makeup in front of the mirror. I’ve been watching the phone scene with interest. The beauty is changing the mood on her pretty face. Her anticipation of victory, impatience, resentment, bewilderment, fear... Kerie’s doing a great job of acting up her emotions. I like the scene when she’s trying to lock up in the bedroom. In this moment, you can see her tasty ass, which you want to spank... I’m sorry, I’m distracted!
But the most important feature is the scene of seduction and kissing. Kerie unlocks her acting potential and the brilliance of her body 100%. And a kiss... Yeah, I’ve always wanted to see something like this in The Bluestone movies. Beautiful girls like Kerie deserve at least a little romantic scenes. I was jealous of Victor getting a kiss from such a beautiful woman.
A special thanks for the extra scene after the credits. I wouldn’t mind seeing them more often.

Philosophical implication

In this film, the good idea is that the lust for easy money doesn’t lead to anything good. Charlotte tried to get rich in a nasty way, which she paid the price for. I love it when the movie entertains and sends its message at the same time.


One of the drawbacks of the video is that the scene of erotic charms is too short. I wish the kiss scene could last longer... Besides, Kerie could have taken off her negligee before she kissed the killer. I know how great Kerie is at taking off his clothes. It would be the most ideal performance.

Overall rating 8 out of 10. «Tangled Web» is recommended for viewing!
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