Grace X Review of Fetnoir Hotel Ep. 1 "Golden Gun Award"

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Grace X Review of Fetnoir Hotel Ep. 1 "Golden Gun Award"

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Grace x--- "It's been a long time since I did a film review, but for those with long memories I was once quite a prolific film reviewer for the community, taking what I hope were in-depth looks at the movies of our genre. I adore movies...they have in so many ways shaped aspects of my psyche and my passions. And I have celebrated those moments when I have seen death fetish filmmaking rise above established tropes and stereotypes for the medium, to really challenge viewers with intelligent scripting, powerful acting, and rarest of all for me as a woman, an understanding of a female's death fantasy fetish life and desires.

With that prelude, I browsed the Nicheclips video store today and saw the #1 seller was Chris' Corner's "FetNoir Hotel". This is amazing in many ways. First of all, I think people sometimes forget that Chris Brown is the founder of FetNoir, and it is brilliant to link the open-minded, aware and adventurous spirit we have worked so hard to bring to this board to the film side of our community. Of course I watched the film! I was proud to see our name, which to me is synonymous with the brilliance of our passionate membership, on a death fetish movie. And a series at that! Chris promises there will be more "FetNoir Hotel" films.

What would have disappointed me (which didn't happen, I'll tell you right now) would have been the first FetNoir-titled film lacking in the qualities the FN board nurtures so zealously: creativity, artistry, intelligence, and eroticism with sensual depth. What I watched is something remarkable indeed -- another step in death fetish filmmaking's coming of age.

The script, by Silk Knot, is like his stories. Layered, psychologically astute, and erotic with a consummate lover's skill. Adoring Silk's writing as I do, I would have bet good money that his style was unfilmable in death fetish moviemaking. It is nuanced, patient, powerful, and it is strongly concerned with a woman's pleasure as well as a man's. Rare qualities, and qualities hard to find in death fetish flicks.

That Chris rose to the level of this splendid material (which would have baffled most producers) really doesn't come as a surprise -- Chris has been perhaps the most pioneering of all death eros filmmakers in his willingness to break the "rules" of the genre and elevate it to the status of art.

The story is about a woman death-fetishist and her fantasies, played out in the context of a hotel visit designed to take her on an ultimate journey into death fetish eroticism. Across the course of the film she dreams in remarkably complex and compelling ways...she experiences sexy death after sexy death, and her thoughts are present in the form of sophisticated voice-over dialogue.

This is in many ways an unprecedented film in its welcome and celebration of a woman's fantasy. The vast, vast majority of movies in this genre are male oriented in their approach: linear, with hot visuals and scenarios of female sexy death, but in many ways empty of awareness of a woman's subtlety-of-pleasure. Astonishingly enough, this film (written and filmed through a collaboration of two men) is the most brilliant female fetishist's movie I have ever seen. We are inside of Savannah's fantasy experiences, and they are intense.

That said, this is no "chick flick" in the sense that male fetishists might feel at sea. It is not so cerebral that a vibe of searing, naked death/sex heat is neglected. The murder-scenes (which include strangles in various and exciting ways, and a necksnap as well), and the sexuality (semi-explicit, with many postmortem sex acts artfully suggested) are hot as hell. There is a feast for foot fetishists here (the killer of the piece is known as the "Red Toe Strangler")...and there are many memorable examples of foot worship, including one incredible sequence where Chris B., after strangling Savannah, literally kisses her toe rings off of her feet. Wow.

Encouraging beyond words to me is the immediate success of this film financially. That it would leap to #1 in sales on the Nicheclips video site tells me that film buyers are ready for this level of sophistication, and that is sweet music to my ears.

In my days as a reviewer, I had a "bullets" rating system, ranging from one bullet for disappointing films to four bullets for marvelous ones...and a special rating called the "Golden Gun" for films that advance our genre into new territory of sophisticated and exciting movie experience. "FetNoir Hotel" receives a Golden Gun, and one of the most enthusiastic I have ever given."

Fetnoir Hotel Ep 1
From Chris' Corner Films
Starring: Savannah Costello
w/ Rex and Chris B. as "The Red Toes Strangler"
1280 x 720 HD Mp4
Story by: Silk Knot
Price: 19.00
Run Time: 26:15 minutes
File Size: 512 MB
Grace's Rating: Golden Gun (equivalent of five stars)
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