Review: Her Last Call

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Review: Her Last Call

Post by DP2099 »

HI there, I'm a long time lurker but I commissioned the custom movie "Her Last Call" (actually, I completely blanked on a title, just couldn't think of one, so that was Chris), which was released back in August. I'd like to talk about the movie a bit and review the work.

I hadn't commissioned a custom in over seven and a half years, but circumstances this past August inspired me to just bang one out and see how I felt.

"Her Last Call" is inspired heavily by the 1995 movie Night of the Running Man. It's the kind of low budget actioner that you would find Thursday Night at 9 on HBO. Specifically the scene where we're introduced to the film's primary antagonist: Eckhart, played by a very naked Scott Glenn. He's mid coitus with a high priced Vegas prostitute. In their pillow talk afterwards, she starts talking about how she'd like to know more about him and how much she likes him, she's going to find out everythng about him. Eckhart warns her that she wouldn't want to know more about him "because if someone knows everything about you, you become very vulnerable to them. And you can't ever let that happen." She then leans in to kiss him- and he snaps her neck. He's genuinely regretful at this. It's the only scene in the movie that lingers.

I decided to expand this story a bit. I chose Kiki because of her work in videos like the Tempest. Her terror at being raped and strangled by her master and being unable to do anything about it because she's magically frozen is heartbreaking. I know that sentence sounded really weird but watch that one and you'll understand. I enjoy a good neck snap but I also enjoy a good stocking strangle. IN this version of the story, Miss V (Kiki) and Eckhart (Rex Hardcastle) are again longtime clients/lovers but this time he's been sent to kill her, for skimming off the top of the mob owned prostitution racket. She was smart and no one caught her for a while and they knew she would bolt if there was any suspicion. But they also knew that Eckhart was one o her regulars and she would let her guard down around him. And she does. But then again, a tiny bit, so does he. So after one last roll in the hay he strangles her, and knowing she likes to be choked anyway, sets it up so it looks like a tragic choking game accident.

The sex scene was phenomneal- I only asked for two things and wasn't too explicit in my description (or at least, I don't think I was) but Kiki and Rex went above and beyond. To describe it further would not do it justice. Kiki plays the belt choking bit well.

When it comes to the main event, the strangle, well.... I do have only one complaint about this video, and that the strangle goes on a touch too long, but that's it. But Rex and Kiki hit all the directions I had for this scene and Kiki is so remarkably expressive and convincing as she's fighting for her life- she comes close to getting away when she grabs Eckhart's gun but she drops it- your heart breaks for her. It's all in the eyes. There was also a scene not in the script Chris and the actors thought up on the spot and I really appreciated it. Overall the video was well made and edited (and delievered on time)

but any fetish video lives and dies, so to speak, on the actress at its center, and Kiki hits it out of the park. The strangling is amazing, the sex is amazing, her acting is amazing. She can play confident and glamorous as well as terrified and vulnerable. Guys, if you want an actress who can capture exactly what you're going for in addition to being hot as hell? HIRE THIS WOMAN. Trust me , you won't be disappointed.
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Re: Review: Her Last Call

Post by Chris B »

Thanks DP, you are correct, Kiki is one of my favorites and always delivers in every role and everything in life, she is just amazing. You can only see her in Chris' Corner, taboo Cinema, and Black Nylons Films, so that is where she will be.
Thanks again for the review it is much appreciated to see people enjoying their customs more than they expected.

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